2 Responses to “サンクリ65 田舎少女3 DL販売開始”

  1. OOPOO

    thank you for the reply on 海通信☆ブログ 1/29 8:00 ガヴリール!

    P.s I think your website has a problem. I tried to reply to you 3 times on the webpage. however, It didn’t work.

    • namamo

      Thank you. Thank you for your comment.

      What kind of problems?
      If it is a server problem
      Perhaps,it should solve the issue using PROXY.
      There was a case to be successful by the PROXY.

      By the way,The way to go to the”ガヴ Video Sitr”,in the NewGameDOJINSHI.

      Prease check the red mark on page 20.(QR or URL)



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